Behind The Video: Q&As With Josh & Marj

As part of our new SS19 campaign, we took influencer couple Josh & Marj out for coffee and donuts to talk about the important factors in their relationship, including the impact and power of social media.

Both Instagram dons, they share a passion for street wear and creativity on their feeds (@bloodorxnge and @marj.moore). Our #WeAreTheConsigned campaign taps into their lifestyle perfectly, showing how they use creativity when it comes to their fits and how they inspire their combined 30k + loyal followers to be individual in a world where “everything is re-posted, re-shared and copied”.

They chose their favourite Consigned bags from our new season collection and created fit pics for the campaign. Coupled with a Q&A style interview, we captured their “date” on camera (view full video here:

How does social media influence yourself, your style and the content you create?

Josh: Social media allows us to see different cultures and styles that we take inspiration from, for both our own style and creativity. Social media platforms serve as a great outlet for others to share their style which in turn inspires the fashion trends I follow, seeing how fashions are put together and outfits are built. It enables global and multi-cultural influence, taking away the different elements from around the world and having fun by making it your own. 

Marj: Our generation have such diverse inspiration at our disposal online, with instant access we are able to evolve our own styles. I look to influencers for style inspiration as well as emergent brands which I can experiment with, I see the importance of adapting trends and putting your own, unique stamp on everything you wear.

Barton Xs Backpack in Pink £47 | Pegasus Holdall in Red £52

How would you describe your style and how do your styles creatively compliment each other?

Josh: I like to dress with boldness without compromising the minimalistic vibe my blog follows. In three words? I think I’m colourful, bold and experimental… adding a tailored touch to streetwear. 

Marj: I love the minimalism aesthetic, often dressing in monochrome but adding that statement piece which gives my look that edgy street vibe, whether that’s a bold trainer, bag or piece of jewellery.

Josh: We both love streetwear so we tend to adopt similar styles, even to the extent that I find Marj wearing my clothes

Marlin Holdall in Orange £95

Why do you think it’s important to be yourself and authentic online?

Marj: I think it’s so important that you can show people that you can be yourself on social media and use it as an outlet to show your style and individuality rather than something you’re not or something you want to be. It’s about projecting that ‘real’ message, the digital generation are so engrossed in this digital world that its important to show reality.

Josh: Yeah I agree, constructed online realities can be so damaging, we often need that reminder that perfection isn’t reality. Social media shares snapshots and highlights which you can’t connect with, its unrelatable. I think individuality is the key to success online, being unapologetically yourself and authentic allows you to build genuine engagement.

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As influencers, how do you want to leave your mark and inspire others?

Josh: I think, for me anyway, I want to have a positive influence on others and inspire them to show off their own style and creativity. Being an influencer has really allowed me to do that and I want to use the kind of power it has attached to it for good. 

Marj: Definitely, I think we have had a really good opportunity to show our individuality and if we could inspire others to do the same and to feel better about being themselves and owning it, that’s amazing! 

Why is living in the moment so important to you guys? Why do you think it’s important to take time to disconnect?

Josh: I would hate to regret not taking an opportunity and missing out on what could be an amazing experience. You can’t dwell on the past, or worry about the future, that only takes away from the now.

Marj: Yeah some of the best opportunities in life are just thrown at you when you’re least expecting it, so I think just to take everything as it comes, and remember to take the good from the bad, we’re always learning and evolving.

Josh: Agreed, and I think it’s important to find time to disconnect, often with social media we are striving for something more and drawing comparisons to others. This can be unhealthy, so it’s critical to find balance allows and appreciate what we already have, focusing on how we can build upon this for the future.

Marj: If you’re constantly consumed in the digital world, you don’t always value the inspiration around you.

How do you invest time into each other?

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Josh: Despite our busy schedules, it’s so important we invest time into each other. We prioritise this, sharing experiences, because we’re always growing, both as individuals and together as a couple. Travelling allows us to do this, it’s a real passion of ours, giving us the opportunity to explore new cultures as well as share quality moments.

Marj: It’s great to be able to disconnect from social media when we go away, it means we completely appreciate each other’s company, as well as immersing ourselves in the experience and culture. When we’re not travelling, we find time for fun, whether it’s going to the arcade or just dinner, all these small moments feed into our life in a positive way.

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