Off the record with D5

D5’s progressive style is based on a foundation of British rap and RNB influences. However, the artist intends on experimenting with his sound to keep his music fresh and his listeners engaged.

“I’ll never just be a rapper or just an RNB guy, I want to evolve my sound and as an artist, and not just stay in the same lane”

We arranged a call with D5 to explore his creative process – and how he kept inspired during lockdown. Since making music from the age of 14, D5’s passion for the industry has continued to grow and evolve, with 6 singles and a debut album to date.

“The creative process of music was the only thing I did not get bored of. Making music is fun and if you make good music that people vibe with, it’s very rewarding”

So, what is D5’s musical creative process?

“It’s an organic process / We turned our basement into a home studio which allows me to be more free and create ideas on the spot and then build it up and develop it in the studio”

In fact, D5 was speaking to us from his home studio in the city of Leeds. Although D5 is a solo artist, the rapper lives with other musicians whom he met and has known since college.

“It’s great to live with other musicians because we can bounce off each other and help each other develop ideas and come up with something more original”

D5 credits his housemates and the resulting collaborative process as what saved him during lockdown – “Otherwise, I would have driven myself crazy.” The rapper understood other people’s struggles with loneliness during lockdown and was grateful that he was able to spend it in company, doing what he is passionate about.

“It made lockdown not as bad and enabled me to continue making music thanks to the collaborative process”

After releasing several singles, D5 finally released his debut album, “Channel 5” in December last year. The album consists of 8 songs all with different vibes and sounds – to not only evoke a number of feelings in those listening, but also to represent the many sides of D5.

“Each ‘channel’ highlights a different emotion and feeling that I go through while creating music”

D5 want to connect with his listeners through music is evident. Although he thinks it is cliché, he hopes to inspire others to do what they want to – not just to uplift them but spur them on through both good and rough times.

“I want to be part of the playlist of people’s lives. I want my music to enhance whatever you are feeling”

Although the current pandemic put a hold on D5’s plans for 2020, he has a clear vision for his future in the music industry.

“In the long-term, I want to keep making music that is me and not sell myself to a trend that die down like you see a lot on TikTok / My vision is to be as big as possible but still have a good connection with my audience!”

So what are D5’s next steps going into 2021?

“My next step is to try and make a new sound that is quite different from Channel 5 / I’d like to change my image until one solidifies and have music behind that”