Ceara Maya

“You just gotta do you” – Ceara.

Carving a name for herself in a streetwear scene dominated by men can be tricky but that’s what Ceara has done, proving it is possible to make your mark as a young woman in urban fashion.

What we love about Ceara is the way she does this. A positive outlook. Trash talk doesn’t bother her. Someone once flamed her with “Bitch got one Gosha tee and she thinks she Hollywood,” She made it her bio. “Not everyone needs to love you” she comments.

Ceara Maya Modeling The Saint Marlin Holdall In Orange On Stairs
Saint Marlin Holdall

Ceara’s honesty and openness about body positivity is massively reflected in her content. She strives to change the perceptions and expectations people have of body imagery

“Stop caring about your weight and what you look like”.

Ceara Maya Modeling The Saint Marlin Holdall In Orange Against Wall
Saint Marlin Holdall

Street wear in London has been key in shaping Ceara’s confidence – ‘each outfit tells a different story’ through this she aims to inspire others into this carefree, liberating culture.

“I want people to feel good about themselves… Just do your own thing and find your own people”

She takes the attitude – “for everyone that criticizes you there are going to be more people who love what you’re doing and take inspiration from what your doing”

This attitude follows through to her style. With a strong belief in portraying individuality and not following the hype it’s clear to see how Ceara has successfully built such a loyal following. Her style is unique and the way she gathers inspiration from her surroundings proves a real knowledge of streetwear culture.

Even though street culture in London might be ‘influencing high fashion’. Ceara proves it is not about laying down the cash and putting an outfit together based on dollar value, it is about being creative and making it your own.

In her own words

“I want people to know as long you are doing you and not hurting anyone then you are doing the right thing”

Ceara Maya Modeling The Helt Zane Backpack In Camo
Helt Zane Xs Backpack