Che Lingo

“The evolution of me and myself as an artist is the evolution of me as a person” – Che


Che Lingo is an up and coming artist in the rap world, writing and producing his own label, TheRiskIsProof and has successfully carved a path for himself and his art-form. As part of our #WeAreTheConsigned campaign, Che gave us an insight into his creative process and how he expresses himself through his music, style and attitude.

Che Lingo modeling the Morgan Bum Bag On Stairs
Splintercamo Morgan Bum Bag

“Find what you love and do what you love.”


In terms of his music, Che allows himself to be inspired by his surroundings. He is fully immersed in all aspects of his music from writing, recording and producing, allowing him to be authentic, ‘be creative’ and express his individuality.

Che Lingo modeling the Helt Zane Backpack Against Wall
Helt Zane Backpack

Che believes that his style is something that can be perceived as an extension of him as an artist. His choice of our SplinterCamo Morgan Bum Bag and the Helt Zane Backpack is a reflection of this, proving his unique and authentic vibe.

“My style is sometimes something that can proceed my music.”


Che Lingo modeling the Helt Zane Backpack
Helt Zane Backpack

At Consigned, we embrace the creative culture of various industries and Che says that he has “never met more creative people” in his life than “this generation”. To him, Consigned influences people to “be more forward thinking and innovative”.

[What does Consigned mean to you?] “That you believe in me and I believe in myself, my ability and I can project that into the world.”

Che Lingo modeling the Morgan Bum Bag To Clouds
Splintercamo Morgan Bum Bag

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