Che Lingo

“The evolution of me and myself as an artist is the evolution of me as a person” – Che

Che Lingo’s evolution of music is rapidly gaining momentum.

Self made and self produced under his own label (TheRiskIsProof) he writes and records his own songs, vocals and produces his own videos. In 2017 he was tipped by the MOBO’s as a name to watch, and has opened for the likes of Stormzy.

Being the captain of his ship, Che has his finger on all the areas of his trade and can sound off in detail on things that many artists would pass onto managers and technical assistants. Not because he has to, but because he wants to.

“I don’t shy away from responsibility, I don’t shy away from pressure if anything i work better with those parameters.“

This energy to take control of his own destiny by becoming fully immersed in all aspects of his craft to become a true professional is what we respect about Che.

Che Lingo modeling the Morgan Bum Bag On Stairs
Splintercamo Morgan Bum Bag

When it comes to his music, his lyrics cover ground. From the obsession over wealth in Metal and Rocks to the harsh realities of making it in his industry on the track More Energy. In his new EP Sensitive he takes on the preconception of how men and women should be in a relationship, that every one is it’s own “emotional fingerprint”.

This scope and passion shows in his work in the ease that he moves from a festival stage to an academic stage, both, where Che is able to deliver his humbling words in the most genuine of ways (check out his TEDx talk).

In all these places he is at home with his looks, “quite spiffy” by his own account.

Che Lingo modeling the Helt Zane Backpack Against Wall
Helt Zane Backpack

Watching his performances, it’s clear his style is an extension of him as an artist, not something he would ever hand off to a stylist.

“I find that my style is something that can sometimes proceed my music… it’s half of my identity as a person now and my identity as an artist.”

Che Lingo modeling the Helt Zane Backpack
Helt Zane Backpack

He goes further, saying his style is integral to himself as person, a means of therapy to achieve self empowerment, that failure recognise this can lead to an identity crisis.

“You have to know yourself. Because if you don’t you can fall into anything, you will end up doing anything, wearing anything, saying anything, singing and rapping anything.

Che Lingo modeling the Morgan Bum Bag To Clouds
Splintercamo Morgan Bum Bag