Third Wheeling With Josh & Marj

We took influencer couple Josh & Marj on a date for our next campaign shoot as we wanted to explore their creativity when it comes to their style. Over coffee and donuts, we discussed the impact of ‘digital culture’ in their relationship and the importance of individuality. Josh describes his experience in the social limelight through his guest blog post.

‘Creativity is at the heart of what myself, and Marj represent, both as individuals and as a couple.

‘It’s important, particularly within the increasingly homogeneous media landscape that you stand for what you represent. To be an individual. To stand up and to stand out.’

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Images in the media are often cloned, we see the same constructed images online, being re-posted, re-shared and copied. There lacks a sense of authenticity and individuality, this is why it’s important to create your own individual style, otherwise you can lose a sense of yourself and become engrossed in the superficiality of social media.

We invest time into our relationship, finding the balance between independence and interdependence. Despite our individuality, we come together as a couple, harnessing our personal creativity to foster our ever-evolving relationship. We support each other’s lives and interests; investing time to experience life together and disconnect from the digital world.

‘Being able to disconnect is as important as being able to connect. Sometimes we all need to find that off switch.’

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Digital platforms have enabled easy access to people, constant updates and instant gratification. Often with social media, we are presented with reality’s highlights and finite snapshots, it’s a distorted mirror, and life needs to be presented in all its colour. Authenticity today is about being transparent and honest, about who are and what you do, unapologetically.

‘We want to be authentic online, what you see is what you get.’

‘It’s so important to remind people that life is full of ups and downs, the media reality is not reality. We all have our moments, our struggles and it’s the responsibility of our generation to be honest and share this.’

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Taking respite is crucial, shared experiences build deep and meaningful relationships in the increasingly digitised world. Despite our immersion into digital culture, as a generation, we long for connecting experiences. It’s important to travel, to try new things and experience culture, absorbing everything around you, finding inspiration from the little things and appreciating the diversity and beauty which the world presents.’

– Josh

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